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About Us

At Crystal Clear Drinking Water, we distribute top-of-the-line Multipure systems with a guarantee that you will be completely satisfied and blown away by the fine quality and taste of the water that you will be drinking. We have a variety of systems available for your purchase, so that you can choose which best fits your specific kitchen and home. We have both countertop and below-the-sink mini-filters that allow you to receive fresh drinking water that flows straight from your tap. We also have bottle-less water coolers if you prefer to leave your sink unattached. All of the systems that we sell are affordable and easy to use. Stop wasting money on purchasing bottled water every week; get an even purer form of water right in your kitchen.

Multipure water filters use a unique filtration system that removes harmful chemicals in regular tap water, while leaving the beneficial minerals behind. Multipure systems are economical, long- lasting, and easy to maintain. Using its carbon block pre-filter, your Multipure system will screen out particles down to five microns. Your water will pass through the carbon block filter where chlorine and other harmful materials will be caught and removed from the water.

The utilization of the solid carbon block filter will provide you with the most efficient contaminant remover possible. The filter mechanically intercepts unwanted particles as well as electrokinetically absorbing particles by attracting negative ions of certain contaminants.
At Multipure we believe in educating people about the benefits of healthier, cleaner water. That is the reason behind the Pure Foundation, conceived by Jennifer Rice, Multipure Executive Vice President of Administration. The Pure Foundation provides water filtration education and assistance to help people both become more educated about water quality and improve their health. From organizing field trips for kids to helping disaster-stricken areas with knowledge and expertise, the Pure Foundation is committed to bringing healthier, safe drinking water and creating a healthier world for the future.